Bespoke furniture

BathroomSketchesThe client had intended to create an additional bathroom in their former farmhouse by simply adding a low wall to separate off the space. But the building’s grade II listed status meant none of the existing timbers could be cut – even the floor boards had to be left completely intact.

Added to this was the additional difficulty of the structure and drainage connections being at unhelpfully differing levels – and a ceiling height of less than 2m.

BathroomFurnitureI suggested a more holistic approach was needed and instead designed a piece of ‘bathroom furniture’ that incorporated the separating wall and all the required changes of level in one unified piece. This also maximised the available head room and by providing service spaces left all the existing timbers untouched. The client’s wholeheartedly agreed;

“We like the curved option you’ve created. It feels more integrated as a whole package rather than just trying to overcome a practical problem. Very clever!”