Passive House


Sustainability has always been important to me, so I have a thorough understanding of energy efficient construction, natural materials and renewable technologies.

I am a member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building, the Sustainable Business Network and the Low Carbon Kent Network.

Taking the time to ensure that construction details are thermally robust and new appliances and fittings are efficient can make a huge difference to a building’s performance – and significantly reduce energy bills. Through such simple measures my own family home generates £50’s worth of surplus electricity annually. You can see more on the Four Seasons project page.

Passivhaus and Innovation

As a result I am very interested in the Passive House whole building methodology and have worked on projects that approach these performance level.

I have also helped deliver many NPPF 79 projects that gained planning permission due to their “outstanding or innovative” nature.

So get in touch if you are interested in either Passivhaus or NPPF 79 schemes.